Toleza Farm, Malawi

Toleza Scholarships

Toleza is currently sponsoring 27 pupils in surrounding schools. The idea is to keep bright, hardworking, committed children at the school when their family circumstances change and they can no longer afford to continue their education, for example following the death of a parent.

The children have to show ambition and have to maintain a high level of performance or the scholarship is lost and given to another. For this purpose they are assessed each term.

Marlboro Scholarships

The Daughters of Toleza Scholarship was instigated by the Marlboro MBA 'Managing for Sustainability Program' from Brattleboro, Vermont. Following a visit to Toleza Farm, the team made a decision to support one rural Malawian girl's education by establishing the "Daughters of Toleza Farm Scholarship" to "pay forward" the generosity one anonymous team member received. The first scholarship winner will be selected in the summer of 2011. For more details visit The Institute for Nature & Leadership

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